Citizens for Donnie Harrison Donnie Harrison for Sheriff

May 10, 2018 marked Sheriff Harrison’s 51st year in law enforcement—and not one day has gone by when he hasn’t put his community first.

Sheriff Harrison gets out of his office and rides the roads of Wake County — working with the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office answering calls, showing up at drug raids, joining in a search for a burglary suspect, or checking in with the detention staff.

“I’m not a paper-pushing Sheriff. You have to get out and work the roads if you want to know what’s going on.”—Sheriff Donnie Harrison

Donnie Harrison was first elected Sheriff of Wake County in 2002, and was elected to a second term in 2006; a third term in 2010 and a fourth term in 2014.  He will be seeking his fifth term as your Sheriff in November 2018.

Sheriff Harrison is the first certified law enforcement officer to be elected Sheriff in Wake County. Before serving Wake County as its Sheriff, Donnie Harrison was a veteran law enforcement officer, rising through the ranks of the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

For 26 years, he served on the North Carolina Highway Patrol, working Wake County exclusively, learning first-hand the challenges law enforcement officials face in our county.  In addition to working Wake County, Donnie served as Chief of Security for the Lieutenant Governor, 1988-92, and also taught numerous courses at the Highway Patrol Academy.

Donnie has also been recognized as one of Wake County’s top canine search and rescue handlers. He trained his own dogs and voluntarily offered his services to find lost Alzheimer’s patients, lost children, and track down criminal suspects for local law enforcement agencies.

“I always said I would be a working Sheriff, out there with our employees. With 47 years of law enforcement experience, I’ve been there and know what they face. I want them to know that I love law enforcement and am proud to work beside them and support them in their jobs.”—Sheriff Donnie Harrison

Sheriff Harrison grew up in Bear Grass, North Carolina. When he joined the Highway Patrol, he was assigned to Wake County and remained here until he retired as a Sergeant. He currently lives in Garner. He has two daughters, one granddaughter, and one grandson.

“I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to serve the People of Wake County. As your Sheriff,  I will never forget that the Wake County Courthouse belongs to you and that I will faithfully execute my Constitutional duties as your elected Sheriff. I am proud to serve this great community and will continue to look for new opportunities to improve it."

—Sheriff Donnie Harrison